Owies, Skinny Pillows, and a Belly Update!

I am now 31 (and a half) weeks along and it has hit me that I will be full term in 5 weeks. 5 WEEKS! That is a mere hiccup away and I still have SO much to do!

My darling little girl woke me up this morning with a big snuggle before pointing to my cheek and saying “Owie.” And then a moment later she again said “Owie,” but pointed to a different area.

“I don’t remember getting scratched or hurting myself anywhere…” I thought. Huh.

It was by the third “Owie” comment that I realized she must be noticing blemishes on my skin and is being kind enough to point them out to me.

What a peach.

This week my husband has given up all rights to his skinny pillow. We both use two pillows at night… a large one (the more decorative pillow) and then the normal-sized pillow, or “the skinny pillow” as I like to call it. As my husband nestled in bed with both of his pillows snuggled behind his back, I wriggled and wriggled, unable to get comfortable. I can’t lay on my back for long as it feels like a brick is pushing on my innards; I can’t lay on my tummy or I will smush the little bugger, so my only option is on my side… but my belly is at the point where I can’t lay directly on my side, as it is too big and can’t support the weight, so an extra “skinny pillow” to stuff under there seems to be the optimal solution. That is when I asked the hubby in the sweetest voice possible,

“Are you using your skinny pillow?”
“Not reeeeeaaally. It’s just keeping my head elevated is all,” he said with a snicker.
“So…can I have it?” I asked, again, ever so sweetly.
“Sure, Love,” he said still smiling as he took the pillow out from under his head and adjusted himself to get comfy once again. Thankfully he understood my dire need for this pillow and has given it up every night since.

I also need to sleep with my knees bent in toward my chest. Specifically, if I am on my right side, then it’s the left knee bent, right leg straight, and vice versa. This too helps to take some of the pressure off. So no, my darling husband, I am not trying to take up as much room as possible, but I am a big beast-of-a-woman now and need the space. 😉

Have a splendid weekend!


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