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On Seeing Baby Jesus

Gwyneth has become pretty enamored with Baby Jesus. She will point Him out in pictures. She will kiss Him in porcelain form. And she just recently saw Him in a new light. On Christmas Eve our family went to the Candlelight Service at church, something I look forward to every year. The last time Gwyn went […]

The Christmas Rundown

Christmas has always been a favorite of mine. The decorations, the traditions and the overall lifted spirit that seems to engulf the town has me on cloud nine for pretty much the whole month of December. Prepare yourselves, as this post kindof took a turn for the…. elongated? The weeks building up to the big day […]

Merry Christmas!! Our Christmas Card

Merry Christmas! We hope you are all enjoying this special and magical day with your loved ones. Going to go fulfill Gwyn’s request from Santa and go make some red velvet pancakes and soak in the day with my family. Cheers!

On Seeing Santa

Gwyn has seen quite a bit of Santa this year and she is finally not scared of the guy. He came to her preschool, and while a little shy, she DID sit on his lap, which I was very surprised she did. She told Santa she wanted a princess dolly. And then, while having a […]

"Best in Show" Decorated House Award

Last night we went out looking at Christmas decorations around town “Ooooing” and “awwwwing” at the pretty lights, moving characters and extreme lengths some go to in order to spread the holiday cheer. To make it even a little more fun, we made an award for the “Best in Show” in which we planned to give to our favorite house. […]

DIY Fabric Cone Trees

These fabric cone trees are soooo easy to make and I just love the way they look. I made them last year for Christmas and was done in maybe thirty minutes from start to finish…. while watching a TV show. If I were to make them again, though, I think I would do them in different […]

Packing With Kids….. Awesome.

Trying to pack my family for two and a half weeks is preeeeeeety daunting. This includes packing for six hours on the road, over night in Portland, the plane ride to Reno, two weeks in Reno, the plane ride back to Portland, a couple nights in Portland and then the drive home again. Oye! A […]

A Very Unpleasant "Christmas Surprise…" And The Hewlett Hive Winner Announced!

As the holidays approach and we gear up to travel to my parents’ house for a couple weeks, lists are made, gifts are ordered, and bags are packed. Well, that is what was supposed to happen, anyway. Our plan was to spend Sunday getting ready for our travels; cleaning up the house, packing, getting snacks […]

The Lowdown on that Girl’s Weekend Trip to Seattle

Last week I wrote a quick post about my friend and I taking a girl’s trip to Seattle for the weekend. It seemed almost too good to be true. No one to be responsible for but ourselves. No nap times to work around. No feeding schedules to worry about. No schedules, period. No diapers! Freedom! […]

Our Christmas Photo Setup

You know when you see a picture on Pinterest and it’s always kind of in the back of your mind? Hmmm, yeah, that is what happened to me as I was searching for Christmas picture ideas a while back and I just couldn’t put that one photo out of my mind. So I just kind […]